Add bookmarks or import existing

We present you the easiest and fastest way to manage your bookmarks to keep them in order. Just install the browser extension to synchronize a history and bookmarks automatically.


Sort and organize bookmarks in a free form

You can organize all your content in a free form. Create new groups if needed or sort between existing. We provide you full control on your content.

Use smart search to find a bookmark

Searching based on your activity and profile helps you to find a bookmark in the shortest way.


See your history and statistic

How much time I spent in social networks? What type of content I read the most frequently? How many sites I opened? - We will give you the answers on this questions.

Find, invite and follow friends

Find and invite your friends to share your godsends with them. Follow people to discover new interesting resources in the web.


Find new and remove useless sites

Take a look on bookmarks and people recommendations based on your activity. It is that simple. Optimize your profile to save time. Service will prepare recommendations of cleaning.

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